Spencer Michael Travis


Foreman (Bellhole Technician)

Spencer Travis was introduced to the pipeline industry and related construction trades as a very youthful individual.  In the summer before his senior year he already had a job installing linear anode on pipeline right-of-way, actively working as a laborer on tie-in and clean-up crews.  Upon his graduation in 2005 Spencer started working on pipeline integrity related projects fulltime gaining experience not only in areas of linear anode installation, but also in casing repair/removal applications, AC mitigation, and transmission line reconditioning.

In 2007 Spencer transitioned into more traditional pipeline construction activities, spending his time in numerous roles on large horizontal directional drill projects, environmental remediation and prevention efforts, and auger bore installations.  While the majority of the work remained predominantly within the oil and gas sector, a portion of the projects completed in these disciplines were water, wastewater, electric, and telecommunications related, which in turn provided Spencer with a well-rounded construction understanding across a broader spectrum.

In circling back to his roots, Spencer became a Bellhole technician in 2012, learning firsthand the techniques involved by actually performing the work.  Routine data gathering processes such as non-destructive testing (NDT) applications, identifying soil resistivity, assessing coating condition, mapping corrosion anomalies, and completing prerequisite reports all became second nature as he honed his skills through repetition.  By his very nature and evidenced by the path he’s followed, Spencer is always willing to take on new challenges and apply his past experience to gain more knowledge.

Familiarity with Standard & Advanced Bell Hole Related Processes:
One-calls • Potholing (Vacuum & Manual) • Safe Excavation Procedures • Soil Resistivity Testing • PH Sample Assessment • Pipe to Soil Measurement • Visual Coating Assessment • Coating Thickness Measurement • Ambient Air Measurement • Blast Anchor Pattern Measurement • Mag Particle NDT Tests • Ultrasonic NDT Tests • Photographic Depiction Records • Consolidated Reporting

Industry Credentials:
NACE Basic Corrosion Course • NACE Certified Coatings Inspector – CIP Level 1 • NACE Certified Cathodic Protection Tester – CP Level 1 • NACE Corrosion Technologist • NDT Level II Technician



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