Brent Gordon Curtiss


Vice President

Growing up through the 80’s in an agricultural community, on a dairy farm no less, many of the core principles that form Brent’s fundamental values were instilled long ago.  In combining his emphasis of hard work, honesty and creativity with an entrepreneurial drive, not surprisingly Brent’s path has seen him with several successes and the wear withal to maintain peace of mind and rebound when events haven’t always gone as planned.

After an initial period in the early 90’s working in the field as a laborer on cathodic protection installations, the late 90’s saw Brent growing in mid management roles where he wasn’t complacent to simply assist in maintaining the status quo, but rather actively sought out improvements to process and opportunities for innovation.  Shortly after the millennium and while still in his 20’s Brent started the first of several business ventures and while nearly all proved to be successful the drastic market downturn of the late 2000’s would ultimately require their liquidation.  Rather than be detoured by the setback and look to blame factors beyond his control, Brent returned to the construction industry, re-enrolled in University, and set out to find a different path to success.  By 2010 Brent was already the assistant project manager on a multi-million dollar EPCM contract, driving schedule, maintaining invoicing systems, and developing an acute ear for understanding a customer’s concerns.  In 2013 he transitioned from direct project management into project and business oversight roles, tenures during which many successful Oil & Gas, Electric and Linear Installations were completed.

While content with the results but being ever unsatisfied in realizing potential whether it be of his own or in progressing others, Brent has continued to develop a fact further evidenced by his obtaining a Business Administration degree from Central Michigan University in 2015.  Joining Helios Rising, Inc. creates a unique situation for both Brent and the company in that nearly all of his life experience, even that which does not relate to the applicable service industries, can be leveraged in providing valuable understanding and insight.

Project Experience & Background:
HDD Shore Approaches • HDD Water to Water Crossings • 230kv Pipe Type Cable • Linear Anode Installation • AC Mitigation–Zinc Ribbon • AC Mitigation–Counterpoise Cable • Mainline Carbon Steel Distribution System Installation • Linear Railroad Installation • HDPE Distribution System Installation • EPCM Project Structures

Roles held in Oil & Gas, Electric & Linear Installation construction:
Laborer–Pipeline Integrity • Project Coordinator–Horizontal Directional Drilling • Assist Project Manager–EPCM Construction • Project Manager–AC Mitigation • Director–Mainline and Distribution Installations


Michigan Address

Helios Rising, Inc.
2387 Enterprise Drive
Mt. Pleasant, MI  48858

Arizona Address

Helios Rising, Inc.
7100 E. Cave Creek Road
Building 12 - Suite 117
Cave Creek, AZ  85331

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Office: (989) 317-8485
FAX: (989) 317-8487
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